March 6, 2010

Shut Up Dream Crusher

So I did a photoshoot with a local musician today, Her name is Saskia of Shut Up Dream Crusher. She brought along two amazing costumes she'd created herself and it really inspired me! Alongside the costumes she talked about how she wanted to create a collective warehouse in seattle that will be filled with props that around 100 artists give away for everyone to borrow and use for projects. I thought this was a great idea and maybe one day I'll do this in New york or something! 

So here is Vladimir the polar bear (sorry for the bad phone picture):
Saskia used to perform as him on the streets of seattle in  Pike Place Market. 

And here is a wolf suit she made out of paper and duct tape! I think it's really amazing:
I'm definitely going to start making some paper props and costumes for photoshoots!