January 25, 2010

January 18, 2010

Instaxes from Saturdays shoot

I only have one pack of instax film left :(

January 17, 2010

Photos from the photoshoot with Chloe!

The day actually went way better than I thought it would, and Chloe is so cute and funny! Most of the photos were taken on a whim actually, we just stumbled across random locations/things and were inspired immediately.  I also got my friend Lisa to model for me (the one in the leopard print dress) which was great, because she is an amazing model! and of course so was Summer (like always), Simone, and Chelsey! 

Here are some of the images:


(instaxes I haven't had time to scan in yet)

Over all an excellent shoot!

January 8, 2010


I just organized all my clothing today, and thought I'd share some of it. I had a request awhile back on formspring to show it anyway.
so, here it is!

Bits and pieces of my room

I am constantly adding, and taking away from the things in my bedroom. I absolutely love interior design, and cannot wait until I get my own apartment! I re-did my room last spring with the help of my lovely friends and neighbor.


I have a habit of keeping tags that look nice

A watercolor I love that I bought in a Christmas market last year.

Sock monkey and pillow from a lovely vintage store