January 30, 2013


Mt. Rainier, originally known as Tahoma is a tremendous beauty. Back in August I had been feeling very nostalgic for my childhood summers spent backpacking through this expansive wilderness that I so dearly loved. I longed to experience that time in my life again...my sister, brother and I exploring fields of cracked open boulders, swimming in cold lakes surrounded by tall trees and croaking frogs, and running around until the stars appeared in our big black sky; it was always as if we had the whole mountain to ourselves. I couldn't be more grateful for the freeze-dried ice cream, the portable water filtration system that made dirty water clean, and itchy bug bites that always accompanied a trip to the great outdoors. I was depressed because It had been years since I got to experience those wonderful things so I promptly decided to gather some awesome people to spend a hot afternoon running (or walking pretty slowly, as we were mostly all out of shape) around in the wildflowers. 

By the end of the day I did end up getting my mountain fix and I vow to go back for a full on backpacking trip this summer, only I will bring better bug spray because we were attracting the meanest mosquitoes ever and they apparently thought our bug spray was pussy shit. 

(Adventure gang, Sammie, Angel, and Kevin *note: sammie's expression, this is due to those damn mosquitos!!!)

January 24, 2013

Pin-Up Witch Girls

I took these photographs in October for Rookie Magazine,  considering how much I love halloween and how inspired I had been to shoot 50's inspired pin-ups this shoot was wonderful. The hair and makeup was done by the talented (and amazing mother of two) Angalina Sandoval,  the beautiful models were put together in vintage lingerie by my main girl Elvia Carreon, and the background paintings were created by Angel Dorr. 

Models in order of appearance: Elvia Carreon, Christine Thrasher, Amanda Ochoa, Celia Marti Herrera