May 31, 2010


Awhile back I received some awesome hats and shirts from the PR department of a hat company called Brixton, in California. I'm not a huge hat person but I think I am gaining quite the collection! ( I always buy them when I go to thrift/vintage stores.) Anyway, I've been taking numerous photographs of the hats for the company, and here are some of the images I've come up with so far:


I recently did a shoot for Ink magazine, and it was a lovely shoot! I worked with an amazing ballet dancer and artist named Ashleigh Miller, as well as two of my good friends Sarah Nash, and Rachel Horsfall. 

For the shoot I had some fun making props:


May 22, 2010

Themed parties at age 16

I went to sort of an alice in wonderland themed tea birthday party today for my friend's sweet 16, and it was so cute! I think the best part though was the fact that she had a fake "dead fetus" taped to a stick to beat the pinata open with. 
I had some fun with my outfit, attempting to be a mad hatter of sorts: