March 21, 2013

Ozma & Elfy Go To Earth

I came up with this shoot because I have been thinking a lot about science fiction (watching old sci-fi movies from the 60s and 70s especially) and space lately. The story is of two aliens who have landed on earth while searching for their eggs that got lost in space. They end up in a little girl's garden (Grace) and are drawn to her energy field. Grace becomes scared and they find her hiding in various places around the house, however upon capturing her they show her their  light "magic" and she is filled with wonder instead. Turns out Grace found their eggs the day earlier in her back yard and unfortunately they are cracked, and starting to rot away. Disappointed, Ozma and Elfy teleport back to their home planet and Grace is left trying to figure out what has just happened to her.

Thanks to the always amazing Elvia Carreon for styling and assisting with the shoot. 

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